Silvie Lukacova was born and raised in the Czech Republic, and grew up in the spa town of Karlovy Vary, CZ, located in the western part of Bohemia (Erzgebirge). 

She first visited the United States in 1996 to reconnect with her father, and subsequently moved to Alameda, CA in 2000, where she lives to-date. A painter herself, Silvie has been renting a studio space and working at the gallery since 2012.

In late 2015, an opportunity presented itself to become the gallerist and curator at Autobody Fine Art and in 2016 she became the owner and director of the gallery
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"Flower" 2017 (36" x 36" oil on wood panel)

Group exhibitions: 
2014 - "Aqua Art Miami" (exhibited with Autobody Fine Art at Art Basel, Miami, FL) 
2014 - "Of Walls and Floors" (in exhibition with Jamie Banes, Autobody Fine Art, Alameda, CA) 
2012 - "One Year at Autobody" (Autobody Fine Art, Alameda, CA) 

Solo exhibitions: 
2017 - "Raw Intentions" (Inferno Gallery, Oakland, CA) 
2016 - "Retrospective" (BridgemakerARTS gallery, Richmond, CA) 
2014 - "Peripheral Vision" (The Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA) 
2012 - "Metaphors in Abstract" (Julie's Coffee & Tea Garden, Alameda, CA)