Autobody Gallery and Studios - WHO WE ARE





Housed in the upper floor of a century old brick building on the island of Alameda, the Gallery is the only contemporary arts exhibition space in the City and lies in close proximity to the thriving and eclectic Oakland/East Bay arts scene in Northern California.


The Gallery space is the core element in an environment that also houses individual artists’ studios whose additional income streams allow Autobody Fine Art to do what it does best: showcasing exceptional, experimental and critical artwork without recourse to commercial viability as a primary motivation for exhibition. 

That’s not say, of course, that we don’t like selling art! It’s more to state the obvious, that we have always believed that the purpose of the art object is to challenge critically and aesthetically the assumptions of a diverse audience through the process of dialogue and education. 

(artwork by Jacqueline Cooper)


We also support artists through a variety workshops and professional development, while engaging the public by providing an inclusive environment in which to interact with artworks that frequently push the boundaries of material use, aesthetics and socio-political content.

Autobody Fine Art is an art and arts education organization dedicated to the support and exhibition of contemporary art 
produced by emerging and mid-career artists from the immediate San Francisco and East Bay Area.

Gallery Owner & Director: 
Silvie Lukacova