Autobody Gallery and Studios - SUGAR



September 14th – October 11th, 2013


Saturday September 14th 

7:00pm – 10:00pm

DJ to be announced

Beer, Bacon and Donuts 

Co-curated by:

Dickson Schneider and 

Jacqueline Cooper

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Artists include: 
Anastasia Tracy Schipani                                         Colin Herrick 
Helen Bayly                                                               Dickson Schneider 
Jacqueline Cooper                                                    David Burke 
Ryan Blackman                                                         Philip Long 
Zsusanna Laszlo                                                       Natalie Gomez 
Rita Heidtman                                                           Lisa Pisa 
NoMe Edonna                                                            Alexis Berger 
Chris Rummell 

Please note:* The individual artist studios housed in the Autobody Fine Art space will also be open during the Reception for the Artists. The studios house: Silvie Lukacova, Zin Lim, Jamie Banes, Raymond Wong, Colin Herrick, Christina Matarossian.   

Autobody Fine Art will be reopening on September 14th with an exhibition featuring new and emerging artists from the East Bay. It’s been a while since we’ve had a show up here under the Autobody label so we’re pulling out all the stops! Titled “Sugar”, the exhibition aims to examine the reasons and results of the creative process and question the attitudes and anxiety that audiences often exhibit when encountering the unfamiliar. The exhibition suggests that the creative environment, physical/conceptual, temporal/spiritual is the territory in dispute and that without the freedom to explore these arenas then art atrophies and cannot bear the weight of its own meaning. But the resolution of these issues in the production of an art object is sweet. Like sugar. 
The artist’s personality is divined through the idea of celebrity in much of the work on display, but the question of (in) fame (y) is framed as part of a broader discussion alluding to the contemporaneous use of universal symbols. If this sounds like a lofty ideal, the artwork on display seduces the viewer into this conversation through material use and visual pleasure. The sweetness of these objects is real and really tempting. Not at all saccharine.
Autobody Fine Art is proud to launch its 2013/14 schedule of exhibitions with “Sugar”. Our Exhibition schedule is the public face of many things that we do here at Autobody. We also run classes (please see the website for more information), rent out the space for events and gatherings and for installation and documentation of artwork. Please sign our mailing list on the website to receive updates on forthcoming exhibitions and special events. We look forward to seeing you here.